Family always comes first,” she told Entertainment Weekly last week without specifying why her brother had served time. The social media upload came on the heels of Page Six reporting that Brady and his kids spent time in the Bahamas over the weekend to attend a party hosted by his billionaire pal Jeff Soffer. One of my friends set me up before she even knew I was pregnant, and I met guys at work and online. I knew I wanted to keep my baby, so I let him know I was expecting, but that I didn’t want to be with him. He seemed okay with my decision at the time , and I didn’t see him for months after that. What should also bother you is the brazen way that he has made demands of his ex, a woman who likely once thought he was “awesome,” just as you do.

Why do you even want to have a relationship with this immature boy? The only thing you should be pursuing from him is child support after you have the baby. Co-parenting would be great but it doesn’t sound like he’s very responsible or mature so I’d bet money that he won’t be there emotionally for you or the child. I would just prepare to be a single mother right now if I were you.

You’re still just getting to know your boyfriend, so mothering this baby who isn’t due yet for a few more months (I’m assuming), isn’t on the docket. If anything, you’d be a support to your boyfriend as he navigates new fatherhood. Your interaction with the baby would likely be pretty limited until you and your boyfriend become more serious. And you’ve only been with him for two months, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I feel bad that your son is going to be forced into this as well, it’s one thing if you crave drama, but young kids should not be exposed to that.

How can you heal your marriage and what are you doing to weaken the connection to your husband? You can choose how to show up in your marriage to heal your relationship. How to Deal With an Angry Husband Without Sacrificing Your DignityMany women are concerned with their husband getting angry and lashing out at them for no reason. In this article, I go over some common causes and some solutions for dealing with an angry husband. Here are some reasons why a man goes back to his baby mama over you.

Your partner might not be comfortable having you stay overnight until you’ve been together for awhile. You want to make sure you’re respectful of your partner’s wishes and boundaries. If the child shows you something they did at school, be positive and give them praise.

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Men have nothing to do with them and it’s definitely all the women’s fall when cheating happens. You CANNOT keep a man by trapping him through pregnancy. If he really wanted to work it out with you, as soon as you told him you were preggo, he would have dropped the other gal and been knocking on your door.

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If you’re unfamiliar with children, you may not know how to behave around them. The good news is, there’s no need to a perfect parental figure right away. You simply need to be a strong adult role model.Be on your best behavior in front of your partner’s child. Say “please” and “thank you” and practice good manners in general.

I’m kind of surprised by all the negative comments. If I found out my boyfriend (who I’ve been seeing for two months) had a baby on the way, I wouldn’t ditch him. I would probably listen to Wendy and cool things down a bit to see how things were going. I usually agree with Wendy’s advice……but not this time.

I’ve been with my bf 3 yrs & I’m still learning about who he is! But I felt that this “baby mama drama” isn’t worth it if she’s only known the guy 2 months . I clearly said it’s up to her to decide, but at two months, I think it’s worth more to just get out.

I don’t know how old your child is, but that doesn’t matter. Your child has already had a father in her life, and some random “mommy’s boyfriends” and mommy’s boyfriend’s kid and now another one of mommy’s boyfriend’s kids. Some people date during pregnancy because they’re hoping to find the one with whom to raise said child. Whatever your motivation, bear in mind that having a baby puts an immense amount of pressure on even the most solid, well-established relationships.

Another fair question so long as it is worded appropriately. If a date is pressuring you to make choices about adoption or abortion to make your relationship easier on them, get out of there! It is nobody’s choice but yours how to handle your pregnancy. “This isn’t what I stand for. No one should have to experience hate or bullying,” she continued. “I’ve always advocated for kindness and really want this to all stop.” Their outing came a week after they joined Kylie Jenner and others in Los Angeles for SZA’s SOS Tour.