If you meet someone who is a great catch – good personality, good job, and a willingness to commit to you – be very careful about saying “no” just because he or she smokes. Some people pride themselves in prioritizing physical health, including eating healthfully, exercising, and avoiding all unhealthy behaviors. But to suggest that smokers don’t similarly value healthfulness would be inaccurate. Many smokers also work out and eat healthfully; smoking, for them, provides a way for them to relax or ease stress. This coping mechanism is an unhealthy one, but understand that someone who smokes may not necessarily be unhealthy in the other parts of their life as well.

His work has been published in leading professional journals and popular publications around the globe. I can see his point of view — nobody likes to be told what to do—but I also feel that this is a situation where guidelines need to be established. I will never understand how it feels to be high on pot because I will never do it. According to him I have no idea what I am talking about because I have never experienced it. I don’t have the same points of reference as he does. I don’t want to be relegated to the living room to watch the kids while my husband and “Uncle Jim” step out to the back porch to light one up.

Bursting the Bubble of Marijuana Hype

I told him earlier today that its affecting our relationship. I feel it is the reason he wont move out of mums place and move in with me. I see him sneeking around my backyard when im in the toilet or shower quickly having a puff. The reason he wont socialise, move out/in with me, the decision making process behind every single thing. We see eachother on a schedule of his Wednesday night Nd sat night..

Funny thing is this issue reared its ugly head because of a comment my bf made on a completely different topic. That really hurt me and as an example, I told him that I normally without never date a guy that smokes weed, ect, but because of how I feel about him, I made an exception. To that he said that he’s not twisting my arm. It’s true that he hasn’t twisted my arm, but by the time he told me that he smokes pot I already liked him a lot. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over two years and I knew it from the beginning that he smokes pot.

He is vaping marijuana oil and smoking the e cig. It’s so frustrating because I tell him I don’t want him hitting his marijuana vape while drivinv our kids and gets mad. If it were legal in our state and he had a prescription then that would be a little different, but he doesn’t. I’m tired of feeling like a nag and also tired of him getting mad when I try to get him to stop or choose a different time to do it. I don’t have an addictive personality so I don’t know what it’s like.

Dating a Smoker When You Don’t Smoke: 7 Things to Know

I wish I would have dated a responsible weed smoker. I thought I would be cool with pot, but I learned through dating him that I am not. Because he was wholly addicted to it to the point that it interfered with plans we made because he would prefer to get high and go drink with his buddies and totally forget our dates.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend will make less effort and less desire to make you the priority. Despite the claims of many who say marijuana is not addictive, marijuana dependency exists. According to a study done by Samhsa.gov in 2012, over 1.5 million Americans under the age of 26 were found to be addicted to marijuana. There is no way of knowing whether your friend will become a full blown addict. But if it does become an addiction, it will dictate and often interfere with daily life due to the dependency.

Cannabis can heighten sensory awareness, allowing your partner to be more in tune with their surroundings and the people around them. This could lead to a deeper connection between you and your www.hookupsranked.com partner as they become more aware of what is happening in the world. Smoking weed can help to increase appetite and improve sleep quality as it helps people reach a state of deep relaxation.

I’ve tried smoking and I don’t like it at all. I’ve been around people who smoke and I get bored with them quickly. Plus since I’m looking for someone to be with long term, I’d want it to be someone I know I can trust to raise children with and be reliable. I would absolutely not trust a guy with children if he was stoned, like the other poster said. I know people who smoke every day and that’s about all they do. I also know the husband of a good friend of mine who takes a couple of hits a night, but still runs marathons, does artwork, gardens, plays guitar and about a million other things.

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