About Us


Allama Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Educational and Welfare Foundation, Aligarh was established in 2003 to uplift muslims minority standard in religious, economic, social, educational and cultural field. The city of Aligarh is situated 130 km. from Delhi and has a population over 15 lakhs. About 45% of population consists of muslims of which a substantial number is financialy poor  and educationally backward despite Aligarh being a hub of higher education and learning.


To establish madarsa, schools and vocational institutes as a high quality education provider with primary focus on Islamic learning and imbibing modern abilities to poor muslim students.
“Madarsa is an institution of learning, where Islamic sciences including literary and philosophical ones are taught”.

Avowed aim of madarsa education is to inculcate the belief and practice of Islam among believers and guide them to follow the Qur’an and traditions of the Prophet S.A.W. Madarsa education, which is basically for propagation of Islam, remained an inspiration for modern Muslim educational institutions.

Vocational education and training, consisting basically of practical courses through which students gain skills and experience that directly linked to a career in future. It helps students to be skilled and in turn offers better employment opportunities. We aim in establishing a vocational training institute as well to build a better future for our pass outs.

Aim of foundation in brief:

  1. Inviting to Islam and spreading Islamic teachings.
  2. To promote standard of muslims in religious educational and economic field through madrasa, schools and vocational institutes.
  3. To help the needy, poor and orphans.
  4. Laying down unique educational methods by mixing old virtues and modern scientific skills.
  5. To promote educative programme for all out personality development of students, and devising a curriculum to keep the students informative and competitive.
  6. To provide materialistic moral and economic support to students and teachers.
  7. To establish a professional institute  of vocational technical training programme especially designed for pass outs of madarsa and for dropouts of schools and colleges.